Royal-Sync offers a wide range of services at the crossroads of music and image.

Our team sources the best of music for images, to realize synchronization opportunities in all their forms.

International vision and ambition

We work closely with music supervisors and players in all audiovisual markets, to promote our catalog and the expertise of our talents.

The Royal-Sync catalog is rich and diversified. Built up with partners from all over the world, it explores a vast array of musical universes and styles, while offering a talented team of composers to the image.

Music supervision

Our team aims to provide you with the ideal track for your project and your budget. Drawing on our network of key players, including labels, music publishers, artist managers, composers, music producers and music libraries, we can provide you with personalized support in all creative and financial matters.

Music rights clearance

Managing the rights and contracts involved in music synchronization can be a tedious process. Our team is at your side to oversee every step of the music rights management process, so as to obtain all the necessary authorizations from the rightful owners for the proper use of the works exploited.